17 July 2018

What is MBA..? | About MBA | FULL INFO | By My IQ Creations

What is MBA..? | About MBA | FULL INFO

What is MBA..? | About MBA | FULL INFO

  1. 10th class
  2. Intermediate any group 2 years
  3. Graduation [Any group]  3-4 years
  4. Entrance exam - ICET. CAT
  5. MBA- 2 YEARS

Notification time: October & December /February.
Salary: Rs 25,000- 45,000 per month
Course Fee: Rs 35,000- 1, 50,000

Get to interact with many People from business fields. Can learn to multitask.

Skills Required:
  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective communication Skills
  • Ability to read your Audience
  • Strategic skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Business Acumen

Places you work:
  • Industries in both the public and private sector
  • Management consultant organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • University departments and management
  • Institutions as faculty members

Different types of MBA courses available in India:-
  1. MBA in International Business
  2. MBA in Operations Management
  3. MBA in Marketing Management
  4. MBA in Human Resource Management
  5. MBA in Hospital Management
  6. MBA in Telecommunication Management
  7. MBA in Hospitality Management
  8. MBA in Retail Management
  9. MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  10. MBA in Finance and Accounting
  11. MBA in Insurance Management
  12. MBA in marketing and Sales
  13. MBA in Operations and Production Management
  14. MBA in logistics and provide Chain Management
  15. MBA in general Management
  16. MBA in E-Business Management
  17. MBA in Hospital Administration
  18. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  19. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  20. MBA in Banking Management
  21. MBA in Business Analytics and Intelligence
  22. MBA in Business Leadership
  23. MBA in E-commerce marketing and Management
  24. MBA in financial planning and Analysis
  25. MBA in Foreign Trade and International Business Management
  26. MBA in International marketing
  27. MBA in Investment Banking and Wealth Management
  28. MBA in Project Leadership and Management
  29. MBA in Risk Management
  30. MBA in Strategic Management
  31. Master in Risk Management
  32. Master in Human Resources and Organization
  33. Master within the Science of Public Administration
  34. Master in International Business Administration
  35. MBA in Innovation Management
  36. MBA in Investment Management
  37. MBA in pharmaceutical company Management
  38. MBA in Strategic Finance
  39. MBA in Finance Management
  40. MBA in Management
  41. Master of Public Administration
  42. MBA in Business Analytics
  43. MBA in Rural Management
Masters - Technical
  1. MBA in Oil and Gas
  2. MBA in Power Management
  3. MBA in petroleum and gas Management
  4. Masters - data Technology
MBA in data Technology Management
  1. MBA in IT and Systems
  2. MBA Management data System
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MBA Career Benefits:-
1. Increases Your Earning Potential
What is perhaps the foremost practical advantage of an MBA is that it helps you earn more. Several studies have finished that this qualification can assist you to get a stronger regular payment - perhaps even double your earning potential upon graduation.

Of course, you shouldn’t take it with any consideration that you simply will automatically get an incredible salary and rest on your laurels. To extend your regular payment considerably you're getting to get to put your all into and apply the information gained from your degree.

2. Makes It Easier to get Promotions
If you’ve ever worked in A workplace surroundings then you most likely grasp that characteristic yourself from the competition and older your boss’s sensible facet isn't straightforward. Proving to your boss that they have to allow you more responsibilities which you'll be trusted with different tasks are often quite challenging.

Fortunately, an MBA does all the diligence for you; it lets your boss know that you simply have that something extra that may allow them to trust you and put you to blame of a team or other important responsibilities. An MBA gives you a competitive advantage that may allow you to earn promotions and be your employer’s much-loved choice whenever there's a grip available.

3. Enjoy Greater Job Security
Job security isn't as important because it once was. Most millennial expect that they’ll change roles persistently throughout their professional lives and are willing to embrace the chance to explore new workplaces with different responsibilities.

Despite that, getting fired remains one in all the largest fears and concerns for millennial. Thankfully, having Associate in Nursing Master in Business Administration provides you a plus within the sense that your leader is less seemingly to allow you to go.

4. Higher Employment Rates
Another advantage of the Master in Business Administration degree is that it usually goes hand in hand with higher employment rates. Many alumni find that getting employment with a corporation of their choice is far easier. Confine mind that this degree is one in all the foremost prestigious postgraduate degrees and it usually controls in high respect within the money and profession. Even though you hail from a distinct sector or plan on being employed in another industry, the Master of Business Administration remains one in all the foremost prestigious programmers you may ever pursue.

5. Transferable Skills
Although the Master in Business Administration is mostly specific to business and finance, the modules taught throughout the course of the programmed subsume various industries but more importantly are often put to good use during a number of various sectors. It provides you with specialized information on managing a business, at the identical time it teaches students the way to improve their leadership skills, analyze information and build the correct selections. These skills are useful across all industries, and that they will permit businesses outside the money and business to thrive.

6. Superior Business Knowledge
Apart from the transferable skills, the MBA will assist you to gain specialized business knowledge. You may be instructed varied ideas and practices which can permit you to higher appraise information and calculate risks to form necessary selections. During some time studying, you’ll be gaining superior business knowledge which can cause you to more confident when taking business-related decisions.

7. Networking Opportunities
One of the explanations many of us choose to do an MBA instead of other kinds of master’s programmers is because they know that this qualification can assist in giving you access to influential people. whether or not it’s classmates UN agency can endure to run or begin their own businesses, or tutors who have a wealth of information, their area unit many of us UN agency will facilitate your career move forward. You wish to form the foremost of those networking opportunities by building meaningful relationships with these people.

8. Easier to change Careers
It’s not uncommon for people to seek out themselves midcareer wondering if they must be doing something else, like beginning their own business or being during a totally different sector and questioning if they must pursue an instructional degree to form the career transition they need. A career change is often made much easier after gaining an MBA qualification because it essentially surpasses all other qualifications an individual could ever gain and it’s a testament to your expertise and your abilities to run a business. But, I might recommend that you simply pursue an internet Master in Business Administration instead of discarding on everything before you're certain that you simply will so with success build the transition.

9. Become More Specialized
It is your one-way ticket to the C-Suite, and it’s a necessary qualification if you’re curious about becoming more specialized in your field. It will assist you to gain information that may permit you to higher perceive your business and thus, be better able to make important decisions.

10. Personal Growth

A benefit that ought to not be overlooked is its ability to assist individuals to grow on a private level. This includes changing into a lot of assured and higher at problem-solving, two qualities that are necessary for anyone who’s hoping to eventually get a managerial position. What’s more, this qualification can also help make professionals more credible and give a boost to their team-working skills.

Study techniques and methods for MBA students:-
Apart from the regular lecture based mostly teaching that the majority students are already conversant in, MBA pedagogies additionally use new methodologies to confirm that the learning is maximized. 2 popular techniques are the Case study method and group assignments.

Case study method
For learning the business and turning into an eminent manager, the theory itself isn't decent. totally different business things have to be compelled to be simulated and conferred to the scholars in order that they workaround and realize the simplest potential sensible resolution for a given set of circumstances.

The case studies might contain helpful information further as information which cannot be of abundant use. Therefore the students learn to gather all the relevant info, organize it, analyze it from the angle of the person within the case study then reach a call.

Here it's not simply the ultimate answer that is vital however additionally the thinking, derivation and learning method that is emphasized upon in order that the scholars get trained to agitate varied real-life corporate-situations.

Here’s a writing that explains, however, the MBA case study methodology works.

Group work
Group work is in our own way within which students will enrich their learning expertise. Teams ought to otherwise be shaped among students with numerous cultural and skilled backgrounds. Every group would ideally comprise of 4-5 students.

The interaction among the cluster members provides them an opportunity to know other’s purpose of reading and method of thinking. Every member ought to create it a degree to actively be concerned with the discussions and whereas presenting the ultimate outcome.

The success of the group work depends on the full-fledged co-operation and participation of every team member. The essence of cooperation is so stressed through this exercise.

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