18 July 2018

How To Become a Police Step to Step 10th to Graduated Students| info By My IQ Creations

How To Become a Police Step to Step 10th to Graduated Students

How To Become a, Police,telangana,andhra pradesh,telugu My IQ Creations

  1. 10th Class
  2. Intermediate [any group] 2 years
  3. Police Recruitment Board, S.S.C 
  4. Physical Test + Eligibility Test
  5. Constable

  1. 10th Class
  2. Intermediate [any group] 2 years
  3. Graduation [any group] 3/4 years
  4. Police Recruitment Board, S.S.C 
  5. Physical Test + Eligibility Test


Rs 12,000-30,000 per month position Based

Notification Time:-

Depends on Police Recruitment Board

Places you work:-

  • Border Security Force (BSF)
  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • Railway Protection Forces (RPF) 
  • Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)


There Attractive Benefits like health and life insurance paid sick days & vacations. Retired officers are covered by pension plan after 25 or 30 years of service, which also allows them to seek a second profession while still in there forties or fifties. 

A Day In Life:-

Police services are provided 24 hours a day, so police officers may have to work outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions and may patrol the streets in squad cars. These jobs have a lot of pressure and at times physically demanding. It can be exhausting, disorienting and a tough lifestyle, but highly rewarding. 

Job Duties:-

A law officer performs a range of duties, as well as following criminals and filing reports. a number of the many duties charged to policemen square measure is shown below:

  • Investigating break-ins
  • Making arrests
  • Patrolling areas among police jurisdiction
  • Responding to 100 calls
  • Directing traffic
  • Recording witness accounts of crimes
  • Give care to victims in want
  • Calming disputes
  • Serving as a public discussion to boost police image

Policemen used on the state level typically give help to smaller or rural police departments. Some cops specialize in qualitative analysis, special weapons and ways(SWAT), fingerprint identification and motorbike or bicycle patrol.

మీరు చదవాలనుకుంటే చదవండి...

Policeman Career data:-

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), jobs for cops square measure expected to grow four from 2014-2024, that is taken into account slower than average for all occupations. earnings and job convenience varies greatly upon town size and crime rates; normally, smaller cities supply lower pay than larger communities with higher crime rates and larger wants for an oversized law. Pay differs greatly relying upon the scale of the local department and also the crime statistics among its jurisdiction, however, most law enforcement officials follow structured pay scales and receive comprehensive edges.

About the police in my words:-

Police officer area unit tasked with maintaining order and keeping their communities safe. In TV and in movies, that typically involves chasing down the dangerous guys or busting a criminal offense ring. In reality, the term officer covers a large kind of roles, together with behind the scenes work like handwriting analysis and officer coaching. Attending an achievement event in your native space will assist you to learn a lot regarding all the potential methods.

A police officer will work for the town, county, state, or federal. Their jurisdiction and also the size of the local department they work for play a significant role in shaping their day to day duties. A policeman in an exceedingly giant metropolis like big apple or l. a. can typically have a very specialized focus, admire narcotics, media relations, the K-9 unit, or police squad. In distinction, in smaller departments, significantly in rural areas, cops are going to be expected to hide a wider type of roles.

Most officers come out as patrol officers. Typical day to day duties embrace helping in emergency scenes, responding to burglaries, and watching the roadways and stopping cars that area unit driving unpredictably or dashing. For each incident that happens, a lawman is needed to file a report. Doing work is not at all an exciting a part of the task, however it’ a necessary and frequent task.

What does a Police Officer do...?

A law officer's job varies hugely counting on the sort of police officer he or she is. law enforcement officials all have AN activity specialty that dictates however they pay their days. Duties also are set supported the branch of the govt the officer works for. Parenthetically, some AR native enforcement officers United Nations agency work for the tow nor county wherever was dead. Others work for the state, et al. work for federal agencies.

The most common somewhat officer may be a clad lawman. These officers could also be liable for imposing the laws. They'll reply to call soliciting for police facilitate, cherish domestic disturbance or theft calls. These also are the officers United Nations agency direct traffic once there's associate degree accident or a traffic signal that's not functioning properly. Clothed law enforcement officials AR trained in attention, so they'll take care of victims of accidents or crimes once they 1st arrive at the scene. Clothed law enforcement officials will create arrests, however solely among the jurisdiction of their agency.

Depending on the scale of the town or county that an official works in, the agency might assign specific duties. Maybe, in agencies with massive jurisdictions, some officers reappointed to figure within the public faculties, whereas others AR appointed to figure the streets insure geographic areas of the agency's jurisdiction. Some AR has given the task of operating as investigators once there AR crimes or accidents. Smaller agencies don't seem to be able to divide up the tasks, and every officer performs many duties.


Police officer square measure gave a lot of privileges than the typical national and square measure charged with adventitious responsibilities. They're expected to stay impartial, treat each national with respect and supply the rights warranted by the U.S. law. 

Police officer ought to be ready to figure on a versatile schedule as a result of policemen square measure required rounds the clock. They often work 40-hour work weeks, however, shifts will vary and paid overtime isn't uncommon. Junior officers generally work a lot of holidays and (weekends) than senior policemen.

Police officers are expected to be perpetually alert and exercise judgment in threatening things. Investigating brings with it inherent danger and stress, therefore mental courageousness and resilience is vital. 

The police officer should be physically matched, showing emotion balanced, and act rationally to try to their job effectively. They generally work several hours on an unsteady schedule. No formal education on the far side a high school sheepskin (or its equivalent) are required, although some jurisdictions might need school work.

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