18 July 2018

How To Become a Air Hostess in India after 12th| info By My IQ Creaions

How To Become an Air Hostess

How To Become a, Air Hostess, in India, after 12th,My IQ Creaions
  1. 10th class
  2. Intermediate Any Group (2 years)
  3. Air Hostess Certificate Course (1-2 years)

Notification time:-

May/ June salary 


Rs 50,000 – 80,000 per month course 


Rs 15,000-45,000Skills 


Below 25 years
Knowledge of one foreign language other than English, Hindi.
Above 155 cm tall and the proportionate weight.
Normal vision (contact lenses are acceptable but no glasses)
Well-modulated voice
Friendly and outgoing personality


Opportunities to visit other countries, medical benefits, and also annual family travel with family to exotic destinations.

Places you work:-

Airport reception staff

Some of the Institutions:-

1.Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training, Hyderabad.
2.Universal Academy of Hotel Management, Rajahmundry.
3.Flytech Aviation Academy, 
4.Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy,

Age and legal status:-

Generally, the airlines like better to recruit Air Hostesses among the age bracket of eighteen years to twenty-five years. But, this could apply to accomplishment at each airline, as a result of the ordinance for changing into associate degree stewardess depends upon the policy of the institutes. aside from ordinance, the institutes like unwed women. But, some institutes enable married girls. Therefore, the legal status additionally depends upon the policy of the institutes. 


For changing into associate degree stewardess, the peak of five.2’’ or 157 cm is needed. and also the weight of the candidates ought to be in proportion to their heights. The skin complexion ought, to be honest, and clear. Physical work associate degreed attracting willdidates can simply begin building their career as a stewardess.


Like shape, medical fitness is additionally vital associate degreed crucial for changing into a stewardess. The candidates shouldn’t have any mental illness- history and should have the visual modality of ‘6/9.’

Required Skills:-

Apart from needed minimum qualifications, you wish some skills to make your career as associate degree stewardess. Here, have a glance at skills that square measure essentially needed for building career as associate degree stewardess.
  • Knowledge of 2 or additional languages and hang of speaking and understanding English 
  • Good communication talent
  • Interpersonal communication talent
  • The ability to remain calm even throughout emergencies
  • Diplomatic talent 
  • Good color vision and hearing

Job Responsibilities:-

With Aviation business witnessing monumental growth, ‘Air Hostess’ as a profession guarantees for loads of the opportunities and money prosperity. For this, AN flight attendant needs to hold out a slew of duties. Here the entire list of what all AN flight attendant is meant to try to.
  • Providing exceptional customers service throughout the flight
  • Escorting senior passengers at the time of takeoffs and landing
  • Serving drinks, snacks, meals and assembling trays, trashes, and glasses before the landing of the plane   
  • Ensuring that each one the passenger's square measure sitting and secured before takeoffs and landing of the plane
  • Instructing passengers on all necessary security measures and procedures
  • Covering evacuation procedures throughout landings or crashes
  • Making sure that each one the equipments of the cabin square measure operating properly before the takeoff of the flight
  • Attending the medical emergencies and news them once the loading of the flights
  • Counting the inventories and adaptative the payments once and once the flights
మీరు చదవాలనుకుంటే చదవండి...

Advantages of air hostess:-

Good things 1st. allow us to state what square measure the perks looking ahead to you if you become associate air-hostess. instructional consultancies might provide imprecise and exaggerated explanations of the career. however, we tend to at pilot18.com, like better to be realistic. So, enumeration from one, allow us to discuss the simplest components.

1. Travel around the world, or a minimum of the country.

Flights travel across the world, thus will you too. In between long flights, you'll get one or a pair of days stay. along with your privilege pass, you'll tramp around and visit near places. Anyway, don’t imagine an excessive amount of. Unless your flight goes to some tourer destination, you won't be ready to relish the wonder of the place absolutely.

2. World category food, safety, and wage

Aviation may be a prestigious trade. you'll be given world category food at modest restaurants in the town. thus you don't have to be compelled to worry a lot of concerning your craving. Safety in the job is of utmost importance. Aviation is one of all the smallest amount forgiving careers to mistakes. straightforward mistakes from persons resulted in major air crashes of history. So, safety is of highest priority as well as personal safety. That means you're safe at work. New rules came recently protective interests of aircrew, that indecent behavior from passengers ends in serious penalties to passengers, creating the atmosphere additional safe to figure with. a wage of air-hostesses square measure high compared with jobs of equivalent qualification. Even beginning salaries square measure within the vary of twenty-five,000 to 35,000 Rs, per month, in domestic services in the Republic of India. within the high finish, it ranges somewhere between one.5 lakhs to three lakhs per month betting on the airlines and sort of flight.

3. A low price of coaching (Fees)

Normally, aviation connected courses square measure terribly pricey. Pilot coaching, as an example prices a small fifty lakhs+ Rupees. craft maintenance engineering prices 7-10 lakhs, aeronautic engineering prices similar 7-10 lakhs and then on. However, steward coaching prices somewhere between fifty,000 Rs to a pair of 100000 Rupees, supported period and extra qualifications you get.

4. availableness of loans

Being associate not thus vast quantity, it's simple to avail loans for coaching. From personal loans to instructional loans, interests vary between 6 June 1944 to thirteen annually. smart coaching schools offer quicker placements supported your performance, creating it easier to repay loans from your own wage itself.

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